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The Vision

The vision for the Original Shoreline is to unearth the historical, 
architectural, maritime, spiritual, community, environmental and
slavery histories that shaped the original shoreline

The stories will bring to light a deeper, wider and more inclusive history of Cape Town’s
people comprehensive. They will be presented on this website, as a digital archive which will grow over time.    

The physical route is a tangible marker for the events and people
that have shaped the city we live in today. As the stories are revealed, they will be marked
along the route, for people to learn and understand more about our shared history.

Many families, individuals, institutions and organisations will have tales to tell about events
and places located on the original shoreline. Some of these stories will be well-known.
But others may not have been told — until now.

If you want to know more, have a story to tell, or if you want to participate, get in touch.