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The Original Shoreline

THE ORIGINAL SHORELINE is a long-term public space project
and digital storytelling project that traces an educational, historical
and natural route along the original shoreline of Cape Town.

Over the centuries, natural and historical events and extensive development have obscured
the historical shoreline. This has influenced the city’s history and reconfigured the shape of
the land that meets the water. And yet, it is a line rich with history, and contains layers of
stories that have long been supressed, overlooked, or left to lie in dusty drawers
and family folklore.

The project was conceived as a way to mark the original shoreline, from the first making of
the land to present day. It seeks to use the power of storytelling, and authentic historical
accounts to expand into a more cohesive and more inclusive history of Cape Town.
In time, a physical route will emerge, reflecting the historical, architectural, maritime,
spiritual, community, environmental and slavery histories that shaped the original shoreline.
The route stretches from Granger Bay to Paarden Island, taking in notable landmarks such
as an historical lighthouse in Granger Bay, Chavonne’s Battery and the Maritime Museum at
the V&A Waterfront, the Castle of Good Hope and Cape Town Station — among others.

If you want to know more, have a story to tell, or want to get involved in the Original
Shoreline project, get in touch.


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Cape Town Heritage Trust

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Chavonnes Battery
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